Red Hat & DLT's Technology Spotlight Series: Automating the Enterprise with Ansible
Watch as Lance Abla, Senior Solution Architect (Red Hat), take you through an Ansible introduction and overview of why this solution is important to the public sector. 
During this session, Lance covered: The Hero as code story, use cases and benefits, Ansible

Red Hat & DLT’s Technology Spotlight Series: OpenShift
Watch as Jim Chang, Partner Solutions Architect (Red Hat) discuss OpenShift.  During this session, Jim covered: innovation without limitation and bringing big ideas to life with the hybrid cloud platform open to any app, team, or infrastructure.

Red Hat & DLT’s Technology Spotlight Series: Accelerate Secure Software Delivery with DevSecOps and Red Hat
Watch as Sompop Noiwan, Solution Strategist, Emerging Technologies (Red Hat), discusses DevSecOps in the Public Sector

Red Hat & DLT’s Technology Spotlight Series: Enterprise Open Source, Why Linux?
Watch as Mark Anderson and Russ Pavelicek, Sr. Solutios Architects (Red Hat) discuss Enterprise Open Source