In response to continuous malicious cybersecurity incidents which have impacted critical infrastructure, the economy and humanity’s basic needs, the U.S. Federal Government announced the U.S. Executive Order 14028. The order sets up a framework to help protect public and private sector organizations from supply chain and other types of breaches. 

The order highlights the need for organizations to establish baseline security standards. It also aims to help organizations protect against and detect and respond to cybersecurity threats by instilling best practices defined in guidelines from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Zero Trust frameworks. X-Force offensive and defensive security services can help you build security into your software development supply chain by helping identify and mitigate high risk vulnerabilities that attackers may target.

The IBM X-Force team offers security services to help secure and modernize critical infrastructure security. X-Force’s offensive and defensive security services can help organizations fulfill the executive order, comply with NIST best practices, and reduce the risk of a ransomware or other attack succeeding. 

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