Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Herndon, VA (March 21, 2001) -- DLT Solutions, a premier government solutions partner, and Earth Resource Mapping, the leading image handling and integrated mapping software company, today announced that its desktop imaging software products, ER Mapper and Image Web Server, are now available to government agencies on the California Multiple Award Schedule (CMAS), Ohio Statewide Contract (OH), and Florida SNAPS II Statewide Contract, exclusively through DLT Solutions. DLT Solutions is Earth Resource Mapping's GSA Schedule holder. 

"We're pleased to extend Earth Resource Mapping's products to customers in California, Ohio, and Florida," said Craig P. Abod, president of DLT Solutions. "These products are an excellent addition to these contracts and our customers will find value in their benefits as well as ease of ordering from DLT."  

CMAS, OH, and FL SNAPS II Statewide Contracts are all popular purchasing outlets that list pre-approved supplier agreements based upon Federal GSA and other multiple award contracts. These agreements provide government customers in California, Ohio, and Florida with the opportunity to quickly and efficiently order IT products, such as ER Mapper and Image Web Server, in a streamlined manner, facilitated through DLT Solutions' expert sales force. 

"We are very pleased with our relationship with DLT Solutions. Our Image Web Server technology, along with ER Mapper, will make a nice software offering for any government contract," states Rob Mason, vice president of Earth Resource Mapping. ER Mapper is used by professionals in a wide range of industries, including air photo data, state and local government, environmental science, telecommunications, defense, agriculture, forestry, oil and gas, and mining. ER Mapper provides the following unique benefits: 

  • The graphical user interface is genuinely easy to use, reducing training time at all levels and increasing productivity.
  • Real-time processing increases processing speed by 10 to 20 times for faster interactive visualization of geographic data.
  • A truly open, user extendable system that can be connected to other products and tailored to any image processing need.  

The Image Web Server allows compressed imagery to be served on an intranet or the Internet, eliminating the obstacles to easily and reliably sharing large imagery. For the first time, the Image Web Server permits simultaneous viewing of large imagery to any application, via the Web.  

The contracts can be accessed using the following numbers: CMAS contract number - 3-99-70-1047A; Ohio Statewide contract number - 533192-1; Florida SNAPS II Statewide contract number -2521909-19. 

For ordering information, please contact DLT Solutions at 703.708.9675 or email For more information about Earth Resource Mapping's products and services, please visit

About Earth Resource 

Mapping Earth Resource Mapping is the world's leading image handling and integrated mapping software company. Clients in more than 120 countries use ER Mapper to prepare imagery, ECW to compress and use imagery, and the Image Web Server to serve imagery over the Internet. For more information, visit our website at

About DLT Solutions

Founded in 1991, DLT Solutions delivers best of class technology solutions to federal, state and municipal governments and businesses from its headquarters in Herndon, VA. To achieve that mission, DLT has tightly integrated itself with some of the most prominent IT Software and hardware manufacturers in the world, including Autodesk,GoogleNetAppOracleQuest SoftwareRed HatSolarWinds and Symantec, among others. With its product portfolio, multiple procurement vehicles and award-winning track record, DLT confidently supports public sector clients in the technology implementation required to achieve their agency missions. DLT was recently honored as number one in the Term Software License category in the GSA IT Catalog of Top IT Contractors on GSA Schedule 70. For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 888-358-4472; email or visit