Wednesday, October 24, 2018
GitHub authorized via the FedRAMP Tailored Framework, which supports industry solutions that are low risk and low cost for government agencies to deploy and use.

HERNDON, VA (October 24, 2018) - DLT Solutions, the premier government solutions aggregator, is proud to announce that its technology client, GitHub, is officially FedRAMP authorized via the FedRAMP Tailored Framework. This authorization ensures that government agencies can continue to confidently and securely manage their source code on GitHub.

The FedRAMP Tailored Framework creates a faster, more streamlined process for systems that are low-risk, supports government Authorizing Officials’ need for a standardized approach to determining risks associated with low-impact cloud applications, and incorporates industry input in order to provide the government with the ability to leverage valuable industry services while remaining secure.

"DLT is very excited for GitHub’s FedRAMP Tailored Framework authorization," said DLT Vice President of Sales, Chris Wilkinson. "This is a pertinent development which enables the public sector to easily employ GitHub’s innovative collaboration solution. With this certification, DLT is better positioned to offer technologies that accelerate the growth and development for government agencies."

GitHub's FedRAMP Tailored Framework authorization enables government agencies to use GitHub Business Cloud with the confidence that the platform meets the low-impact software-as-a-service (SaaS) baseline of security standards. By utilizing GitHub, public sector organizations will be able to securely collaborate in the cloud, foster innovation, and modernize the way they develop software.

"Governments around the world use GitHub to build software, shape policy, and share information with their constituents," said GitHub Public Sector Director, Elizabeth Pemmerl. "With FedRAMP authorization for GitHub Business Cloud, we can continue to meet federal standards and help better serve the people who depend on their work."

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