Friday, June 5, 2015

Company to provide federal agencies with a wide variety of cloud-based and on premise solutions – spanning cybersecurity, big data,  virtualization mobility, health IT, and managed services  – through a simplified procurement model

Herndon, VA — (June 5, 2015)DLT Solutions, a leading value-added reseller in government information technology (IT), today announced that it was awarded the National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center’s (NITAAC) newest multiple award, government-wide acquisition contract (GWAC) for information technology: Chief Information Officers – Commodities and Solutions (CIO-CS). The NIH CIO-CS contract is the follow-on to the Electronic Commodities Store III (ECS III) contract previously held by DLT Solutions and covers a 10-year period with potential funds totaling $20 billion to provide the entire federal government with IT solutions. Since being awarded CIO-CS on May 1, the Company has already received three awards against the contract totaling nearly one million dollars.

The NIH CIO-CS contract is designed to support traditional IT offerings as well as efforts around health and biomedical-related IT.  Agencies will have a choice of making traditional buys, or use a cloud approach for various X-as-a-service offerings:

  • On-Premise Model:  Commodities and products are deployed on-site either within the Government site or at another contractor site.  In this model, additional "Bundled" services may be required which include but are not limited to provisioning, deployment, installations, warranty and maintenance, engineering assessment studies and training.    
  • Managed Services Model (includes deployment on the Public Cloud): As demonstrated by market conditions and trends over the last five years, along with a number of federal policies such as FedRAMP, the Cloud First Initiative, the 25-point plan and data center consolidation initiatives, the Contractor deploys IT commodities via managed services and the Cloud.

In addition, under the scope of this contract, DLT Solutions may provide commodity enabling services that will ensure the successful operation and sustenance of the IT commodities.

“As a holder of the ECS III contract since 2002, we are very familiar with the landscape and the evolving needs of our federal customers,” explained Brian Strosser, executive vice president of sales and marketing for DLT Solutions. “NITAAC took careful consideration of the rapidly changing IT needs and adopted the new contract to offer both on premise and cloud-based solutions that can be easily customized and procured. We have already seen traction against the contract and we look forward to continued success.”

The NIH CIO-CS contract includes a five-year base period from May 1, 2015 to April 30, 2020 and five one-year options to extend the period through April 30, 2025.

About DLT Solutions

For more than twenty years, DLT Solutions has been the IT software and solutions provider of choice for federal, state, local government and education customers. By hand selecting its manufacturer partners including Amazon Web Services, Autodesk, Google, NetApp, Oracle, Dell Software, Red Hat, Solarwinds and Symantec, DLT fulfills its mission to be a value-added reseller of only the best software and hardware products and services, as well as a premier provider of technical support, through its many government contracts.  The company specializes in carefully-selected solution areas — Cloud Computing, Data Center Consolidation, Geospatial Data Systems and Computer-Aided Design for transportation, utilities and manufacturing.  For more information or to place an order, contact DLT Solutions at 800-262-4358; email; or visit Also, on LinkedIn and Twitter (@DLTSolutions).