Architecting for cloud native requires a completely different perspective on security. The attack surface, and the potential attack vectors have completely changed. Most of the past assumptions around people, processes, infrastructure and more are no longer valid. You have to assume any vulnerability will be exploited, and trust no-one — whether external or internal. You have to look at threat modeling to inform and prioritize the approach, and implement security based on defense in depth.

This session will explore what steps we have taken to implement a “Zero Trust” model when we re-architected the integration portfolio to create what is now Cloud Pak for Integration, and how customers can build upon these in their own integration solutions.

Kim Clark - Integration Portfolio Architect, Product Management IBM

Kim is a technical strategist on IBMs integration portfolio working as an architect providing guidance to the offering management team on current trends and challenges. He has spent the last couple of decades working in the field implementing integration and process related solutions. He is one of the primary authors behind much of IBMs agile integration material (http://ibm.biz/agile-integration) and he writes and presents regularly on integration architecture and design topics.

James Hewitt - Master Inventor, Senior Architect

James Hewitt is a senior software architect for the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration. He focuses on making the Cloud Pak for Integration and its underlying capabilities secure, and most importantly cloud-native. James is also a strong advocate for Open Source, a certified IBM Cloud Solution Architect, and an IBM Master Inventor.

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