Professional Services

Our engineers, solutions architects, and subject matter experts work with you to implement your solution and provide flexible delivery options. Working alongside a Project Manager, they install your new systems rapidly and efficiently, to your requirements. After implementing your new solution, our experts are capable of training you on every product purchased from DLT Solutions. Our certified engineers work on Oracle, NetApp, Symantec, Quantum, Amazon Web Services, Veritas, and Google Apps for Government solutions. We are a NetApp Authorized Service Partner (ASP), NetApp CSP Partner – Professional Services Partner, Quantum First-Call Partner, Google Premier Partner, and an Amazon Web Services Premier Consulting Partner.

Cloud Professional Services

At DLT, our role doesn’t end at the sale. We work together with our customers to design, implement, and manage the cloud environment that’s tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization.


No matter what phase of cloud computing adoption your agency is in, DLT Solutions provides the architectural and technical direction you need to select the appropriate Amazon Web Services products and solutions to meet your unique needs.


We offer a wide variety of consulting services to help you get up and running with the AWS Cloud as seamlessly and cost-efficiently as possible.  DLT provides the subject matter expertise you need to make your project a success, and we collaboratively work with our customers to encourage knowledge transfer. Our architects and engineers are here to advise, train, and mentor you on the most suitable and efficient path to the cloud – no matter how large or small the endeavor.


All of our engineers have real-world production data center expertise, so we understand that the deployment is just the beginning.  How is the application managed in a cloud environment?  How does the cloud platform integrate with existing tooling and processes?  Are the correct standards and best practices defined for your organization, so all future cloud deployments will quickly integrate with your IT service management disciplines?  DLT can help you formulate the right framework and best practices, so the cloud becomes an extension of your data center.


Once you’ve chosen a solution, we promise to have you quickly up and running in the cloud. DLT maintains a diverse and deep library of design patterns to jumpstart your application or systems into the cloud. These unique blueprints include design, installation, configuration, training, and support remote or on-premise delivery by one of our senior engineers. Our alignment to the “infrastructure as code” methodology is designed to help both business and technical users become cloud-ready as quickly as possible by addressing all aspects of cloud computing in a documented, organized, and easy to digest manner.


DLT’s team can provide the AWS expertise in support of your engineering team to quickly stand up your AWS infrastructure – leveraging AWS best practices – so your application team can get to work.  In addition to deploying the AWS services, DLT can also develop the appropriate CloudFormation templates to allow for rapid deployment/re-deployment of the environment. 

DLT often provides this service to Federal System Integrators who desire to bolster their technical teams with DLT’s AWS specialists.


The migration of existing IT services to the AWS platform is a common use case.  DLT’s experts can assess the current architecture, perform the affinity mapping, and provide the optimal AWS design to support your application.  Once the design is finalized, DLT will manage the migration and test the functionality of your service to ensure a clean transition.


For completely new applications, we can help you design a cloud native architecture from the beginning, so you can take full advantage of the native cloud capabilities.  We can also help you identify areas of concern within your existing environment and suggest appropriate use cases for leveraging cloud technologies.


Integration of Cloud based systems and on-premise resources allows for no good tool to be left unused. Design of hybrid clouds demand not only technical attention, but policy & operational due diligence as well. DLT maintains customizable policies and design patterns to enable the integration of current architectures and the AWS Cloud Platform.

Security as a Practice

We can assist your stake holders and technical staff with the creation or the review of existing security reference architecture and solution patterns in order to incorporate security comprehensively into your Cloud Environment, or on-premise platforms. We will work with you to publish your policies as descriptive documentation with graphical aids. The results are delivered in such a way that security is embedded within the “infrastructure as code” philosophy whenever applicable.

Flexible Import/Export Services

DLT provides an import/export service with all of the functionality of the basic AWS offering, while adding a massive degree of flexibility, customization and security. Comprehensive chain of custody workflow, flexible data device support, file format conversion options, as well as pre & post migration manifesting assures you that your data will be moved securely, in whole, and made ready to be put to use in short order. Our systems are designed to securely transfer massive amounts of data securely & predictably, within the confines of our customer’s needs – in essence leaning in insure adherence to our customer’s data security needs while not sacrificing speed and efficiency. Storage devices for large data transfers can be provided as well to ease data gravity constraints.

Cloud Native Design and Deployment

Cloud native design – as opposed to most traditional migrations – is for those new IT services where the goal is to fully leverage the scalability, elasticity, and native capabilities of the cloud platform.  These design patterns are often very different from those used in the design of on-premise applications, and DLT can help you design and deploy the right services for your new application.

AWS Architecture Review and Optimization

To maximize savings and efficiencies of your cloud workloads, DLT will validate your existing architectural descriptions and deployments and – where appropriate – make recommendations on changes that may increase performance, decrease costs, enable better scaling, take greater advantage of native services, and improve availability.

If desired, we can even put together the transition plan and work with your team to make the recommended changes.

Pilots & Proof of Concepts

DLT's technical experts will meet with you to better understand your business and technical objectives and develop a proof of concept for your specific use case. By testing the AWS Cloud in your environment, you can eliminate risk and verify and validate the key elements of your conceptual solution prior to implementation.

Custom Engagements

DLT also offers custom engagements to meet your specific needs. DLT utilizes the Cloud Adoption Framework developed by AWS to plan, execute, and provide deliverables to you. The Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) breaks complex cloud efforts into manageable components. With its modular components based-approach, CAF allows creation of very specific and scalable adoption roadmaps.


A complete footprint of IT and cloud concerns are addressed within the framework: Business, Platform, Maturity, People, Process, Operations, and Security. Within those larger framework topics, specific examinations can be made for you – tactically, and strategically. In essence giving you to tools & plans to execute on short duration project, or large IT Transformation efforts.

Each offering is customized to your business and technical needs, and can cover areas beyond the utilization of the cloud. Security compliance, systems integration, change management, resource management, and a host of other disciplines required by both the cloud and on-premise operations can be examined, augmented, or created from scratch to enable your IT mission, in your datacenter or in the cloud.

Managed Services

Built on Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) proven framework, our cloud platform offerings allow you to rapidly procure IT services, scale up or down as needed and release when finished, resulting in the perfect mix of cost savings, improved service deliverability, and increased productivity for your agency.


Cloud computing can be a challenging technology to envision and the same solution doesn’t work for every agency. DLT understands the challenges involved with implementing a cloud solution. Our team of experienced engineers have the knowledge and expertise needed to architect and deliver a cloud environment that fits your unique needs.


DLT Managed Services supports the entire life cycle of services for the AWS platform. From design and implementation to management and support, we offer a unique “train-mentor-deliver” approach that guarantees rapid customer adoption and maximum self-efficiency.


DLT also provides our customers with ongoing managed services including support, monitoring and maintenance, to ensure continuity and consistency within your cloud environment.


To ensure continuity and consistency within your cloud environment, we offer a 24x7x365 U.S.–citizen, U.S.–soil, ITAR compliant Service Center to support complex case resolution.

Our accredited DLT Service Center provides:

  • Monitoring, management and remote assistance for your cloud instances
  • Single 1-888 number for all services and product-impact alerts
  • Support calls answered by a live person
  • Web portal access
  • Monitoring of all service activity
  • Specialized reporting and analysis


As a Premier Consulting Partner for AWS, DLT offers comprehensive training courses to ensure that our customers get the most out of their cloud environment, including instructor-led training from basic essentials to more complex concepts. Our experts can also develop custom classes specifically targeted to meet the needs of your team.

  • Introduction to AWS Core Concepts
  • System Architecture & Operations on AWS
  • Development Integration on AWS
  • Security on AWS – Techniques, Compliance, and On-premise Integration

Oracle Professional Services

With over 20 years of experience working with Oracle, our DLT Professional Services consultants are experts at optimizing your Oracle technology investment. Our Oracle professional services offerings help federal, state and local government customers realize performance and operational efficiencies through Oracle’s value-added applications and technologies by leveraging our comprehensive knowledge of the Oracle product portfolio. The team employs industry and implementation best practices to solve complex challenges and offers customers pre-sales support and consultation, implementation support, and technical training. Our consultants have the knowledge and expertise to design, deliver and manage your Oracle solution in a way that reduces risk and increases the value of your investment. 

Our team is comprised of industry experts that provide customers

  • Proof of Concepts
  • Cost-Efficient, Environment-Specific Optimized Configuration
  • Systems Design and Solutions Architecture
  • Implementations, Testing, Training, and Support
  • Staff Augmentation with Security Clearances Up To TS-SCI
  • User and Administrator Training
  • Agile Project and Program Management

With every engagement, you will receive

  • Requirements / Risk Analysis
  • Automated Installation Scripts
  • Detailed Project Documentation Throughout Entire Process
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)
  • Roadmap for Future Strategy and Deployment

Our Engagement Process

  • Requirements Analysis
  • System Design and Solutions Architecture (Assessment of scope)
  • Implementation
  • Testing
  • Training

Identity and Access Management Implementation

With requirements and initiatives such as the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management (FICAM) and the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), government IT leaders are tasked with ensuring the integrity of the data entrusted to them and protecting it from various cyber threats. While authenticating identity credentials and granting user access is becoming more and more difficult, federal, state, and local governments are encountering additional challenges including:

  • Complying with regulations such as the aforementioned FICAM, State Identity Credential and Access Management  (SICAM), and data security standards
  • Connecting legacy technology to new technologies needed to maintain compliance
  • Adding necessary technology components without re-architecting the entire ecosystem
  • Improving interoperability of identity for citizen or government services
  • Eliminating redundancy

How Can We Help?

DLT Professional Services helps customers gain control over user identities and access rights both internally and beyond their own organization with the addition of Oracle’s Identity and Access Management solutions. Utilizing Oracle products to bridge the gap between your current environment and any new requirements, we leverage comprehensive knowledge in enterprise architecture and systems engineering to develop compliant identity management ecosystems that are cost-efficient and scalable for future growth. Our consultants have the expertise to design, deliver and manage your Oracle Identity and Access Management project, whether you are looking to deploy an entire suite or individual modules for your environment and requirements. Our solutions can be built on-premise or in the cloud to suit your specific needs. We also provide access to strategic partnerships across a wide variety of industry-leading cloud providers.

We work closely with you to ensure:

  • Implementation is done right the first time with your budget in mind
  • Your solution is optimized to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership and avoid shelfware
  • Every effort is made to minimize re-architecture and customize the solution to work within your current environment

Enterprise Data Management Professional Services

DLT’s systems engineering expertise cover the information technology lifecycle. They move projects from concept to planning to development, implementation, and support. Our approach to systems engineering centers on understanding and defining customer needs and utilizing structured methodologies to provide efficient and successful results. Our team looks for ways to optimize existing infrastructures, find new efficiencies, and maximize return on investment for your agency.

Our data management engineers and solutions architects develop and deliver NetApp, Symantec, Veritas, and Quantum product systems.

Our systems engineers are experts in:

  • Architectural Assessments
  • Implementations and Migrations
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Education and Training
  • Project Management

Distinctions and Awards

  • Symantec Platinum Partner
  • Symantec Technical Services Partner Program (TSPP) and Consulting Partner (SCP)
  • NetApp Platinum Partner
  • NetApp Authorized Service Partner (ASP)
  • Quantum ESP Partner
  • Quantum First Call Partner


  • GS-35F-4543G (DLT)
  • NIH ECS III – HHSN263999900477I 
  • GS-35F-0330J (NetApp)
  • GS-35F-0511T (Quantum)
  • GS-35F-0240T (Symantec)
  • DoD Enterprise Software Initiative (ESI)
  • FA8771-05-A-0301 (Symantec)
  • Order Fulfiller for Symantec’s TX-DIR 600

To find out more, call 1-800-262-4DLT or email