Change Auditor

Change Auditor is a real-time change auditing solutions for your Microsoft Windows environment and beyond. This product allows you to send critical change and pattern alerts to email and mobile devices to prompt immediate action, enabling you to respond faster to threats even while you’re not on site.

Enterprise Security Reporter

Enterprise security report enables enterprise visibility, auditing and reporting for Active Directory, Windows Server and SQL Server to ensure successful IT audits, informed strategic planning and proactive Microsoft Windows-based network management. Enterprise Reporter is an automated, scalable solution for auditing, analyzing and reporting on Microsoft Active Directory, Windows Server, SQL Server and file servers across the enterprise. Predefined and customizable reporting tools make it easy to perform:

  • Compliance and security assessments
  • Pre- and post-migration analyses
  • File storage capacity planning and monitoring
  • Configuration change history auditing

SharePoint Management

SharePoint environments can quickly get out of hand. That’s why it’s important to prepare for anything unexpected that may arise. Fortunately, you can take control of your SharePoint challenges in order to streamline complex, time-consuming and costly tasks with Dell Software’s SharePoint solutions. Transform your SharePoint environment today with our award-winning management, migration and customization solutions.

Spotlight on SQL Server

With Spotlight  on SQL Server Enterprise, you can easily monitor, diagnose and optimize your database environments to ensure peak performance around the clock. With intuitive overviews of enterprise health and performance, automated alerts and actions, and an integrated Xpert tuning module, Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise makes it easier than ever to obtain the data you need to ensure the health of your databases. Spotlight on SQL Server Enterprise allows you to:

  • Understand SQL Server infrastructure health at a glance
  • Monitor SQL Server’s Analysis Services relational engine, as well as Windows and SQL Azure, from a single console
  • Extend robust built-in metrics and alarms with custom collections and alerts
  • Analyze performance data automatically
  • Resolve issues quickly, including long-running processes, blocking locks, deadlocking and more

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