Ansible and DLT partner together to provide enterprise-ready solutions for automating apps, systems and cloud resources to meet the government’s IT needs. Ansible provides simple, agentless, and powerful IT automation platform. Its simplicity, coupled with its capabilities enable government agencies to create and automate even the most complicated of tasks with elegant simplicity. 


Ansible Tower

Ansible Tower helps DevOps teams manage complex multi-tier deployments by adding control, security and delegation capabilities to Ansible environments. Centralize and control your Ansible infrastructure with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, job scheduling, and graphical inventory management. Tower's REST API and CLI make it easy to embed Tower into existing tools and processes.


Multi-Tier Orchestration

Multi-tier orchestration automates arrangement, coordination, and management of complex computer systems, middleware, and services. Ansible is declarative, and playbooks are applied in the order you write them, so rest assured that your workflow will be followed to the letter, in order, each and every time you run it, enabling you to automate even the most complex of tasks with simple elegance. Imagine the possibilities: rolling app updates, entire applications deployed with a single click, simple environment maintenance.


You can deploy Ansible tower latest Jboss application in RHEL on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Ansible supports a wide range of operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux, OpenStack, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) like AWS and OpenStack.

Application Deployment

Ansible is the simplest way to deploy your applications, giving you the power to deploy multi-tier applications reliably and consistently, all from one common framework. You can configure needed services as well as push application artifacts from one common system. Rather than writing custom code to automate your systems, your team writes simple task descriptions that even the newest team member can understand on first read.


Ansible can deploy a wide range of Middleware frameworks like JBoss.

Configuration Management

Centralize and manage configuration files on servers, network devices, and other systems. Virtualization and cloud technology have increased the complexity and the number of systems to manage is only growing. You need a consistent, reliable, and secure way to manage the environment - but many solutions have gone way too far in the other direction, actually adding complexity to an already complicated problem. You need a system that builds on existing concepts you already understand and doesn’t require a large team of developers to maintain.


Ansible can deploy a wide range of operating systems like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows.

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